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Yes, loved it and highly recommend it. I received my doll on time. She was well packed with care. The doll in the box was exactly what I expected. I took her out of the box as shown on YouTube, put her together, dressed her, and sat her across from me. My first thought was, “She’s fantastic, so cute!” She is medium weight and very, very well made. Her limbs work well. As a doll, she has an incredible body.

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[block id=”blogads”] In 1908, the German psychiatrist Ivan first mentioned artificial babies in a book. Do not put it in the whole process. In the process of stimulating the clitoris. Doll manufacturers learn from Fleshlight, which has a variety of texture options in them to differentiate the product and allow men to choose small sex dolls that suit their tastes. Clothing adds to his personality because it enhances his special features. Sex robots are quite expensive, so it’s important for prospective buyers to be aware of what they’re getting. I guess he couldn’t tell the feelings that I didn’t feel […]

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